Some Foreign Countries, Firms and Individuals Involved in Land Grab in Africa

Some Land Grab Countries

  • Congo
  • Ethiopia
  • Kenya
  • Mali
  • Mozambique
  • Sierra Leone
  • South Sudan
  • Tanzania

Some Foreign Countries, Firms and Individuals Involved in Land Grab in Africa

  • Goldman Sachs
  • JP Morgan
  • London-based Emergent that works to attract speculators, and various universities
  • Harvard US Investors and Universities Join the Land Rush in Africa
  • Spellman US Universities in Africa Land Grab
  • Vanderbilt.
  • Kinyeti Development LLC
  • Howard Eugene Douglas, a former United States Ambassador at Large and Coordinator for Refugee Affairs.
  • Bruce Rastetter.
  • Petrotech-ffn USA
  • Swedish and German firms have interests in the production of biofuels in Tanzanian
  • Addax Bioenergy from Switzerland
  • Quifel International Holdings (QIH) from Portugal are major investors in Sierra Leone
  • UK based Crad-1 (CAPARO Renewable Agriculture Developments Ltd.), associated with the Tony Blair Africa

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Quotes From Displaced Africans

quote Human Rights Watch says it has evidence that some 70,000 indigenous people in the western Gambella region (in Ethiopia) were relocated against their will to new villages that "lack adequate food, farmland, healthcare and educational facilities.
quote When they first came they told us an investor was coming and we would develop the land alongside one another. They didn't say the land would be taken away from us entirely.
~ Farmer Gemechu Garbaba | Channel 4 »
quote Now, no land, no farm, no food.
~ Farmer Gemechu Garbaba’s wife | ColorLines »
quote Some people are doing business here but I have no idea what they are doing with our land. I see them growing sugarcane. That's all I know.
~ Abdulai Conteh , a local traditional leader in Senegal | BBC »


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We are a grassroots organization dedicated to stopping land grab in Africa. To do this, we work with trade unions, student and religious groups, human rights and any organization that stands for fairness and justice. Our objectives are to Stop and rollback Land Grab, and to encourage genuine foreign investments, ones that are just and mutually beneficial.

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