Countries, Companies and Individuals

The below listing is that of the countries and companies that are involved in African land grabbing.

Some African Countries Involved in Land Grab

  1. Congo
  2. Eritrea
  3. Ethiopia
  4. Kenya
  5. Liberia
  6. Madagascar
  7. Mali
  8. Mauritania
  9. Mozambique
  10. Nigeria
  11. Sierra Leone
  12. South Sudan
  13. Sudan
  14. Tanzania
  15. Uganda

Some Foreign Countries Involved in Land Grab in Africa

  1. China
  2. India
  3. Netherlands
  4. Saudi Arabia

Some Firms and Individuals Involved in Land Grab in Africa

  1. Goldman Sachs
  2. JP Morgan
  3. London-based Emergent that works to attract speculators, and various universities
  4. Harvard University (US Universities in Africa Land Grab)
  5. Spellman College
  6. Vanderbilt University
  7. New Forests Company – UK
  8. Kinyeti Development LLC
  9. Howard Eugene Douglas, a former United States Ambassador at Large and Coordinator for Refugee Affairs
  10. Bruce Rastetter
  11. Petrotech-ffn USA
  12. Swedish and German firms have interests in the production of biofuels in Tanzanian
  13. Addax Bioenergy from Switzerland
  14. Quifel International Holdings (QIH) from Portugal are major investors in Sierra Leone
  15. UK based Crad-1 (CAPARO Renewable Agriculture Developments Ltd.), associated with the Tony Blair Africa

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